Raquel Casilda grew up with a pencil glued to her hand. She is an international artist and illustrator inspired by nature and the feminine spirit. She also creates surface designs from her studio in London.
Flowing, decorative and feminine, her illustrative style features detailed and delicate images with vibrant colour palettes as well as vigorous lines. All the elements in Raquel’s work are drawn by hand, but they are often montaged together using a computer. There are organic lines and intertwining elements in her work to draw the viewer in.
After gaining her BA honours in Fine Art (Complutense University of Madrid) and MFA in Visual Art Education (Autonoma University of Madrid), she has participated in exhibitions in Spain, London (UK), Caracas (Venezuela), La Habana (Cuba), Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), Porto (Portugal) and Bucaramanga (Colombia).
She is currently a member of the Association of Illustrators in London. Her work varies from personal, to commercial projects for brands and organisations, and also private commissions.