'I am, We are'. A story about identity

‘I am, We are’ is part of my Collection ‘Feminature’, which revolves around the nature of being a woman, the connexion between women & nature and the Feminine Spirit.  A fusion of body and soul which is scanned by a strong line in this imagery. A continuous search for that balance in every corner of nature.

What is femininity? Who is in control of it?

We now, more than ever, have a new aesthetic of femininity where everything is meant to be as fake as possible. A huge part of our culture is dedicated to making women feel like their self worth is inexorably tied to how attractive they are to men.

Feminists have been concerned about this system, although sometimes the strategies that have been forwarded to counter it have been misguided from my point of view. For instance, some have encouraged women to avoid the feminine and instead pursue masculine approaches and endeavours. This strategy seems to presume that things that are coded feminine are inherently weak, when they are not.

The natural female energy is different than the male energy and they both live within ourselves in a different amount. They both have strengths and weaknesses and it’s necessary to work for balance within and outside.

‘I am, We are’ is an statement about identity, individual and collective. A message of dignity, awareness and growth. A call for union and strength.


To create the original work, I used watercolour and coloured pencils onto watercolour paper. The work was evolving through time and it ended up being a fusion of two separate pieces.

Firstly, I drew the woman and the pink background. But I felt it was missing something, the message was uncompleted, so I saved it to work on it once I knew how to finish it. This is how it looked at that moment:


After a few months, I was working on other projects and as part of the creative process, I drew some branches by playing with watercolour drops and colour pencils. When I finished it, I realised that this was the puzzle piece that ‘I am, We are’ was missing, so I created a fusion of them two with the help of photoshop (one of my best friends, hehe!).


I scanned them both and united them to create the final piece I was looking for. The puzzle was completed to communicate a story, to send a message, to inspire a search for identity…my identity…our identity.

At the moment, the original is not on sale but I have created a Limited Edition of Giclee Prints, hand embellished to create a unique product for you. They are signed, numbered and include a certificate of authenticity.

I hope this work connects with you and uplifts your soul on your life journey.

It is your turn! How do you feel when you see this piece? Where would you place and contemplate it? Just leave a comment. Life is about sharing and I am excited to know your thoughts!

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