Look what Ink + Autumn can inspire!

Every October artists all over the world take on the Inktober drawing challenge and do one ink drawing a day the entire month. This is the first year I’m joining the challenge and… hell yeah! It is a challenge! 

I chose Autumn as the main theme for this challenge and I’m quite happy with the drawings at the moment, though I thought I would spend less time on them. I was planning to create drawings where the line is the protagonist. I though, ‘well, you are very busy this month Raquel, but I guess you can try to allocate 2h a day to do this. Come on, let’s try! It will be fun!’. 

Well, it is being fun but much more tiring than I thought. Some drawings are taking me 4 hours because I can’t help to go all detailed on them. My eyes are killing me after a few days on the challenge plus all the rest of the work in my studio.

I’m working in a new line of work at the same time plus a bunch of other stuff, so I think I’m pushing myself a bit too much this month! hehe.

This is my advice for those who haven’t joined the challenge but want to do it next years:

– Think in advance the theme that you want to work on and the kind of drawings you will create. If the are very detailed, be ready to spend a few hours on them!

– Remember, inking is not an easy technique. There is no room for mistakes!You can’t erase it, so you need to have a confident and steady hand.

I don’t think I will be able to create 31 drawings and accomplish the challenge completely but I will definitely try to create as many as possible! At the moment, I have completed 12 days, which I think is not bad considering how busy I am, hehe! I will have to treat myself with some new art supplies at the end of this month!

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Now it’s your turn! What are your experiences with ink? Have you joined the challenge too? Just leave a comment. Life is about sharing and I am excited to know your thoughts!

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