'Nature Embrace'. A story about identity, Nature and Femininity

‘Nature Embrace’ is part of my Collection ‘Feminature’, which revolves around the nature of being a woman, the connexion between women & nature and the Feminine Spirit.  A fusion of body and soul which is scanned by a strong line in this imagery. A continuous search for that balance in every corner of nature.

From my early childhood I was fascinated by the mystery and beauty of nature and started to analyse the natural world around me. I became a Nature Lover and the more I knew about our planet and its creatures, the more I wanted to know. As a very curious and sensitive person, I have always been aware of my surroundings and I’ve grown up experiencing lots of positive and negative feelings about the world we live in.

I’ve also noticed since very young the way we woman are shaped to be woman. From different sources and methods we are told how we should act, think, dress, look and a long list of ‘should and shouldn’t’. As I was growing up, I came to a realisation of the huge amount of our identity that is imposed by our societies, the people in power and our cultures. An identity not chosen by us, not connected to our own heart and spirit.

‘Nature Embrace’ is an statement about identity, individual and collective. A message of awareness, growth and empowerment. A call for sensitivity, connection and freedom.

Let’s dare to be ourselves, without labels, stereotypes or ‘should’ and ‘shouldn’t’. Just following our own inner-self, spirit, heart or whatever we want to call it. I’m pretty sure you can feel it if you pay attention so just let it flow… let it grow… and embrace it! It feels so good to think, feel and act cohesively, with integrity and authenticity.

Due to the way we’ve organised our ecosystem, I believe that the human being will always be shaped ‘to be a certain way’ and that will be part of our identity, whether we like it or not, at least subconsciously. But I also think it makes a big difference to realise about this fact. Awareness is the first step to be truly ourselves, working upon it. Analysing what it feels right and in tune with your spirit and what it doesn’t.

‘Nature embrace’ is a visual expression of all these topics. It’s a reflection of my inner world, my experiences, concerns and identity that I hope connects with you in a way or another.

The final piece is a mixture of tradicional and digital art. To create the original work, I used graphite and fine liners onto paper. At the time I created the drawing, I wasn’t sure about which background to include in the work so, I left it on the side for a while. This is how it looked at that moment:

I knew that I wanted to create a spiritual feeling and set this gorgeous lady on a fantasy-dreamy environment, but very subtil and elegant. After a few weeks, I was working on other digital projects using watercolour brushes on photoshop and I thought that some brush strokes with watercolour, creating an ethereal scene, would be perfect for the background.

Then I thought, wait Raquel! The original is drawn on a paper that is not going to resist water based painting! So I scanned the drawing and started experimenting with watercolour brushes digitally in photoshop until I got this final look.

As you may know, I love typography and I like including hand lettering and messages in some of my artworks to add more meaning to the visual communication. This time is not hand lettering but digital lettering, with the message ‘Embrace your Nature’. A message to reinforce the idea behind this image and to empower others to embrace their own nature as humans, without fear, shame or doubt.

It goes especially to my fellow ladies out there. How to be a woman is our individual choice! We don’t need to be ‘this’ or ‘that’. Just be you! Whatever feels natural!

At the moment, the original is not on sale but I have created a Limited Edition of Giclee Prints, hand embellished with graphite and silver paint to create a unique product for you. They are signed, numbered and include a certificate of authenticity.

I hope this work connects with you and uplifts your soul on your life journey.

It is your turn! How do you embrace your nature, your identity? How do you feel when you see this piece? Just leave a comment. Life is about sharing and I am excited to know your thoughts!

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