Rediscovering our True Selves. Reflections

”It seems like Light Years ago
that sweet innocence like a flower in the bud
growing in new existence..”
(Theodora Onken, Death of Innocence)


Who doesn’t remember that time of pure innocence in your heart, genuine wonder and discovery. A time when you feel the world as it is and not as someone tells you. When your spirit is free of fear and full of joy. I do and I don’t want it to die!

This is a reflective post from my personal inner growth that I want to share with you and hopefully moves you inside and serves you to seek your inner child as well.

Since we are born, family, friends and society in general programmed us to act a certain way, to believe certain things, to perceive and feel reality through a certain prism. As a consequence, our mind creates an identity (ego) that tries to adapt and fit into the different scenarios and realities around us.

Different realities require different “mindsets”. The reality that you lived as a child or teenager required a different mindset than an adult life. But a lot of people (their minds) are not willing to let go of the old mindset/”self image” and thus not allowing the growth towards a different “mindset” required for the new realities and experiences.

The ego is a constant servant of the fears that you have been developing in your life. Especially, it is afraid of death. It tries to keep you alive, which is a good thing as long as you don’t let your Ego control your True Self.

“We have an ego but we are not our ego.” During the last years I have become more and more aware of this. We can discover when our ego is acting, such as when we seek approval of others, when we are not able to face situations or feelings and when it stops us from getting what we want in life.

I have also learned that we need to be on our own for a period of time, responsible for one-self and depending only on yourself. During that time we learn who we are, what we are capable of, what we love and don’t love. We will also have the opportunity to feel vividly our surroundings (sounds, smells, colours, textures, objects, people, etc.) and concentrate on how our body reacts to it. Is the vibe positive or negative? What emotions arose?

Most people don’t even realise that they are portraying a false persona. They consider their actions ‘normal’ because everyone else around them is acting the same way. Our society is a big demanding entity of ‘fitting in’ and loves labeled boxes. It is a creativity ‘killer’.

But we humans have created society as it is, so the power is within us the individuals that conform the groups we live in. Hence, there is no one to blame but a lot of work to be done on self transformation if we are not happy with what it has been stablished.

We can implement certain activities that will help our inner self grow and stand out. For example, I started doing what I love to do and express myself on a regular basis. I invite you to do the same.

Only by being consistent we will reprogram our old paradigm and create the new one as a product of our True Self.

I hope you feel inspired by these reflections as well as my illustration of this wonderful poem by Theodora Onken.

Don’t forget to LIVE THE LIFE YOU LOVE!

It is your turn! What do you want to reflect on today? Are you in line with your inner childJust leave a comment! Life is about sharing and I’m excited to know your thoughts!

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