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Biophilic Art

As our lives have become increasingly urbanised, our connection to nature have diminished and our wellbeing is not in balance. We can do a number of things to create a better environment and bring more beauty and harmony to our life. One of these things is to fill our surroundings with the right images, designs, colours, etc.

Biophilic Art & Design aim at creating strong connections between nature and man-made environments, and has proven benefits for our wellbeing, productivity, creative and learning abilities. It is more than just bringing the outside in, it’s about strengthening a connection with many aspects of nature, including our self development.

My intention is that my flowing and organic imagery bring a spark of positive energy into your life, helping you to create a special and contemplative environment around you.

Here you will  find Wall Art as well as a Collection of clothing, bags, stationary & much more for you and your love ones.

Welcome to a biophilic life! Start collecting and join my family ✿