A Day for Gratitude

Everyday we should be grateful for being alive and appreciate and reflect on all the positive things around us. Some days this is easier than others, right guys?

Nowadays that we are living such a demanding and complex life, it is specially important to stay grounded and remind ourselves that the simplest things is what makes us feel alive. For this reason, I want to share on today’s post my TOP 10 things that make me feel alive and grateful daily.

But before that, let me introduce to you the origins and aims of this GRATITUDE DAY celebration.

Origins & Aims

The celebration started in 1965 in Hawaii when an international gathering decided that it would be a good idea to have one day per year to formally express gratitude and appreciation for the many wonderful things to be found in the world. Following the meeting in Hawaii, many attendees marked Gratitude Day on 21st September 1966 when back in their own countries. Ever since then, the number of people celebrating Gratitude Day across the world has grown and grown.

The hope of the founders of Gratitude Day is that by taking time, one day a year, to reflect on the many amazing things we have in our lives, it would positively impact our well-being, make us happier and more contented people.

go with natures flow on frame

My TOP 10 to feel alive and be grateful for

  • Practising yoga in the morning while listening to Zen Music
  • Watching my cute kitty playing with my feet while having breakfast
  • Feeling a pencil on my hands and its sound on the paper while drawing
  • Fresh fruit in my mouth
  • Chatting with my sister Sara about Art, Illustration, Fantasy and Dreams
  • Watching documentaries about nature, science, sociology and a host of other things
  • Listening to my little niece’s laugh
  • The smell of clean sheets on my bed
  • Analising shapes, textures and colours of plants
  • Connecting with so many wonderful people online that support my work

There you go! Many things to say thanks on WORLD GRATITUDE DAY 2016!

keep flowing pack

My artwork is full of references to being grateful and enjoying life in the simplest way. For example, these images that I’m sharing in today’s post are part of my ‘Illustrated Words’ Collection. From these Illustrations, I created Gift Cards to uplift and inspire you and your love ones, especially in those difficult moments in life when we need that someone to remind us of the important things.

You can click HERE to go to my shop and find these ECO FRIENDLY CARDS and DISCOVER THE MESSAGE INSIDE. You can even frame them to get inspired daily. I hope they help you to feel uplifted every time you look at them guys!

adopt the pace of nature

Now it’s your turn!  What things are you grateful for? What makes you feel alive daily? Just leave a comment. Life is about sharing and I am excited to know your thoughts!

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