' Make a Wish ', watercolor + pencils

' Make a Wish: Secrets of the Enchanted Cave'

A young woman stands at the heart of the cavern, her figure illuminated by the soft glow of bioluminescent fungi clinging to the walls. Her presence is serene yet imbued with a sense of wonder, as she cradles a magical flower in her hands. The delicate petals of the flower shimmer with an otherworldly radiance, casting an ethereal light that dances across the walls of the cave.

As you look at the painting, imagine the scent of damp earth and moss filling your senses, transporting you to the heart of the enchanted cave. The sound of dripping water echoes in the distance, creating a soothing melody that harmonizes with the woman's soft breathing.

Notice the details of the cave walls, painted with intricate brushstrokes that try to capture the texture of ancient stone and the delicate veins of shimmering minerals. Each stroke of color tells a story of centuries past, of forgotten magic and hidden wonders waiting to be discovered.

Materials: Watercolor on paper, color pencils.

© Raquel Casilda
These are some images of the process:

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