' Falkor', watercolor + pencils
Step into a world where fantasy and friendship intertwine.

This painting invites you to a dreamscape where Lena rests close to a majestic dragon, Falkor. The iridescent scales shimmer like polished gemstones, and the soft, downy tufts of his fur exude warmth. The trust in her expression mirrors the protection in his stance. It's a connection that transcends words, a bond that transcends species.

This artwork whispers of the power of friendship, reminding us that in the realm of imagination, anything is possible. As you immerse yourself in this piece, let it take you on a sensory journey through the realms of magic, trust, and the enduring connection between kindred spirits.

Materials: Watercolor on paper, color pencils.

© Raquel Casilda
These are some images of the process:

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