' Grounded ', watercolor + pencils
This piece of art is an invitation to touch, to breathe, and to connect with the primal elements that anchor us to Earth. It whispers of a profound sense of belonging, urging you to close your eyes and let the sensory nuances transport you to a place where humanity and nature exist in harmonious unity.

At the heart of the composition, 'Lu' emerges, rooted to the ground like an ancient tree. An arboreal guardian, who raises questions about our place in the grand tapestry of existence.

The color palette chosen is a sensory feast — deep, earthen tones intertwine with vibrant blues and purples, creating a visual symphony that echoes the cycles of growth and decay. Can you feel the warmth of sunlight filtering through the leaves? The air is alive with the subtle scent of moss.

As you gaze upon this artwork, let your imagination roam through the textured tapestry of the forest. Can you envision yourself standing there, surrounded by the gentle rustle of leaves? Can you sense the very heartbeat of the earth beneath you? Can you feel the rough, cool texture of the bark beneath your fingertips, as if the very essence of the forest pulses through your veins?

As you explore this painting, let it stir a dialogue within you. What if, in embracing the beauty of nature, you discover a deeper connection to the roots of your own existence?

Materials: Watercolor on paper, color pencils.

© Raquel Casilda
These are some images of the process:

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