' High Dreams ', watercolor + pencils
This illustration embodies the aspiration to break free from earthly constraints and embrace the boundless possibilities of the imagination. The girl symbolizes the pursuit of dreams and the desire to rise above challenges, transcending limitations to explore new horizons. The bird's presence suggests a connection to nature and the guidance of instinct, reminding us to trust our inner wisdom on our journey. 

The artwork is an invitation to reconnect with the childlike wonder within us, to embrace our dreams and believe that with courage and determination, we can soar to new heights.

I wish to encourage individuals to tap into their innate creativity, to believe in the possibility of the extraordinary, and to cultivate a sense of hope and wonder. 

The artwork's message of transcending obstacles and embracing the beauty of the unknown is universally relevant, inspiring people of all ages to pursue their passions with courage and determination, with a renewed sense of possibility amidst the challenges of life.

Materials: Watercolor on paper, color pencils.

© Raquel Casilda
These are some images of the process:

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